"At Club Five International, my experience collaborating with Helena has been nothing short of exceptional. Not only does she possess a keen understanding of my preferences, but she also wields an extensive network that allows her to uncover precisely the individuals I seek. In contrast to other matchmakers, her firm consistently delivers top-tier matches that align perfectly with the specific attributes I'm seeking, such as looks, personality, and success. Partnering with Helena has elevated my matchmaking journey to an entirely new level of quality and success. - Zuck S, Miami, USA"


"Dear Helena, I am thrilled to share with you the profound impact your exceptional work has had on my life. With a heart full of gratitude, I express my sincere thanks for uniting Björn and me in a love story that continues to unfold beautifully. Our journey together, now spanning years, has led us to the sacred bond of marriage and the joyous expansion of our family. A testament to the strength of our connection, I am now blessed with a second child, a living embodiment of the enduring love that you helped kindle.

Enthralled by the magic you've woven into our lives, Björn and I are eager advocates of your service. We wholeheartedly recommend your unparalleled expertise to friends and family seeking their own love stories. As your firm continues to transform lives, may you be met with the success and fulfilment you so genuinely deserve. With heartfelt appreciation, Christin, Hamburg, Germany

P.S. For those who are ready to embark on their own journey to lasting love, I encourage you to take the chance—just as I did. Helena's exceptional service can truly change your life for the better."


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