Concierge Culture and the Return of The Personalized Approach

Perhaps paradoxically, the ease with which just about anything you can fathom is readily accessible online has ultimately rendered it useless. However, it is undoubtedly helpful in many ways, such as for online shopping.

However, when it comes to creating sophisticated and personal connections, the sheer volume of options makes sifting through them a Sisyphean task. This fact has not been lost on those who appreciate the finer things in life. As a result, you might say that we have come full circle with online technology. The human touch is now the most sought-after aspect amongst those who are looking for something--or someone--special.

Those who value their time are now no longer interested in wasting their time swiping left, right centre on a mindless app filled with less-than-average options. Instead, there is a new wave of demand for curated services that cater to their individual needs. This is the re-emergence of traditional matchmaking services.

Busy, sophisticated people with rich biographies are no longer willing to be matched by demographic and hobbies alone. Instead, they are now opting for an expert’s opinion who understands their unique experiences, preferences, and proclivities; and is willing to leave no stone unturned in finding them their match.

Many benefits come with this expertise, an experienced psychologist, an excellent listener, a caring friend, and a tireless producer all rolled into one. A good matchmaking service, like other concierge-style services, makes it its mission to procure precisely what you need, even if it means searching for your match from the furthest corners of the Earth.


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