“Our clients are busy living out their dreams. They understand the value of their time and trust us to help them streamline the time-consuming process of finding meaningful romantic relationships“

Looking for Your Soulmate?

The Club Five is an exclusive matchmaking consulting firm based in London. We're offering elite members of society, such as yourself, resourceful dating and relationship coaching. To find meaningful relationships with like-minded partners. Our services are available in London, NYC, Miami and Europe.

The common question agencies like ours receive is, "What kind of people does your matchmaking firm attract?" The Club Five’s reputable matchmaking services became acknowledged among high society individuals. Our members actively contribute to prosperous industries such as technology, science, blockchain, finance, fashion, media and art. We carefully vet our members to make sure we connect with remarkable people without exception.

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Five Characteristics of our exclusive members:

  • Successful. Success goes beyond financial stability and constant learning- it is also about emotional support and understanding. Find that special someone who wants to help you fulfil your goals and dreams as you learn and grow together.
  • Experienced. Tiered of inexperienced partners who can't keep up with your ambition? High-value individuals are used to being in relationships based on mutual respect and understanding.
  • Passionate. You don't have time for letdowns. You want your heart like a jackhammer, as you feel like a little child when he sees their crush during recess - with a stream of nervous excitement filling every fibre of your being.
  • Communicators. Sometimes we need a shoulder to cry on when times get rough. Find that undeniable soulmate who listens to every syllable and sees your unspoken needs - the one you can trust with your darkest secrets.
  • International. Do you want to meet someone like you who spends winters in Switzerland or Bali? Maybe you like a partner with a Western or Eastern European background who speaks 3-5 languages fluently? Do you prefer to be with someone who spent college time in UK or USA with exchange semesters in Australia and Hong Kong, as you did? Not a problem.


Imagine, weeks from now ...


  • You became our member and unlocked a world full of romantic possibilities (here is the inquiry form for men and women).
  • Your first match is perfect! You breathe a sign of deep relief, knowing that you won't have to waste time and money on useless dates or people who don't meet your standard.
  • You find that special someone who makes your heart soar and your toes curl - makes your soul feel as safe as a tortoise under its shell.




Helena obtained a Master’s Degree in Management from Leuphana University in Germany. She has professional experience in marketing, business development and consulting. In addition, Helena is a published author in Germany with her famous feasibility study for long-term investment projects.

Helena always strives to work with brilliant minds and people who bring innovative ideas so that clients can benefit from working with inspiring and professional matchmakers and coaches. A respectful, caring, unbiased, and trustworthy listener, she likes to lean on a combination of scientific tools, analytical thinking and intuition in her matchmaking practice.

Being always interested in personal development and human psychology, she studied life and business coaching with Tony Robbins, becoming a certified coach. Helena created her system of matching singles and analysing the compatibility chances for long-term relationship success. As a result, she would successfully match friends and clients who formed long-term relationships, and some of them went on to build families.

Now she wants to help you find the love of your life amongst the world's elite. Are you ready to prosper with purpose? With us at your fingertips, you are tapping into a wellspring of unmatched matchmaking experiences. So don't settle for mediocre - grab the golden key, and open the door to our exclusive network of ready-to-mingle individuals like you!